The Cerro Santa Lucía is recognized as one of the most significant green areas in Santiago. It has both an important cultural and heritage value. The proposal is defined by three main actions:                                                                                                                                                                                   

 1. OPEN: It is proposed to open the foothills to the city with the purpose of reducing the existing fragmentation between the eastern/western part of the hill and in order to obtain a green open area in the downtown of Santiago.

2. HOLD: Give a comprehensive image through the use of materials that dialogue with the existing and connect different parts. Starting from the existing trails proposing 3 main paths: PANORAMICVIEWS, PATRIMONIAL ROUTE and SUMMIT ROUTE.

3.RESTORE: The proposal seeks to restore the hill on two main aspects:  give back to the “Cerro” its status as a historical monument; restore the hill as a landformwithin the city.